Powered By Ideate for India – Creative Solutions Using Technology
Powered By Ideate for India – Creative Solutions Using Technology

Technology has been changing the world as we see it at an extremely fast pace - with new and unique disruptive ideas in each and every field of our lives. The world is at the brink of the Fourth Industrial revolution and everything is becoming increasingly hyper-connected and smart. Innovation is the key indicator of a country’s growth and development.

Governments across the world are paying close attention to it and making all required efforts to inculcate and sustain innovation skills in youth.

India has been leading this space with several initiatives; giving opportunities to youth to express their creativity and become young innovators. Making data available to all through the Digital India movement was the beginning of this impetus; and now India has the highest mobile data consumption in the world with data being available at the lowest price. India’s digital infrastructure has seen a robust growth in the past few years with Government taking the lead with facilities like Aadhaar, UPI, e-NAM, GeM etc.

Taking this momentum further, a high level of interest and importance is being placed on the optimum utilisation of the benefits of the 4th Industrial revolution by the Indian Government. Multiple level of efforts are being made to emphasise on the importance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, blockchain, big data etc. and how these could be of immense help in various sectors - agriculture, transportation, healthcare, education, smart mobility etc.

To be able to truly make use of this opportunity and take our country to the next level; it’s imperative to focus on preparing youth to expand their horizons and provide them with platforms to become aware of the problems and challenges in and around their immediate surroundings; while equipping them with skills to create local solutions using appropriate technologies.

‘Ideate for India – Creative Solutions Using Technology’ , a national challenge by National eGovernance Division, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India and Intel India is one such initiative to spread awareness and make the future citizens understand how they can participate and contribute in this movement.

The challenge aims to make the young students understand the importance of technology and give them a platform, where they can be innovation creators.

In brief, the challenge urges students to identify problems in and around them and then create solutions using technology. In this process, students will be supported with online learning content, face to face boot camps and mentoring by tech experts etc. To know more about the challenge please click here

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Learn how to master the necessary skills to be the next biggest tech creator and innovator. These videos will guide you to start thinking about the nuances and fundamentals required to turn your ideas into innovative solutions.

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